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David Sharp is a Sydney based musician who grew up playing guitar and singing amongst local bands in his hometown of Lae, Papua New Guinea from the young age of 11. The scene he was emmersed in had roots in rock and raggae, and helped shape him into the artist he is today.    


David has musical roots embedded in every modern era we have witnessed. From the soul singing swinging sixties to present day popular music, his style is the product of musical evolution.


The experience of his performance is like being in a time machine that rekindles memories of the worlds greatest music. These memorable songs are crafted with his own flavour, whilst still retaining the original classic vibe that led so many to fall in love with them.


David's solo performances reinvent classics such as 'Stand By Me' by the late great Ben E. King, to 90's pop-princess Britney Spears' debut hit single '...Baby One More Time.' David pulls out some unexpected song choices, but he produces a set list that creates a contageous energy amongst all that witness. 

David gives people the opportunity to be enthralled by his music, by busking on the streets of Sydney. Along with this, he performs at local bars, pubs and events, whether it be with his band or solely with his guitar.   


Get ready for an infectious energy that will stimulate the senses. 

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